Inbox Genie is an enterprise-level Email Service Provider (ESP) created for high volume, strategic email senders. Inbox Genie (IBG) has all the standard features of other ESPs but is distinguished by the multiple advantages it provides you: robust segmentation and delivery management tools, multi-variant split testing, and high transparency — all at a significantly lower cost than less capable platforms.

IP Health Monitor — To achieve good inbox placement is understanding how each ISP processes your traffic. IBG collects feedback from the major ISPs about your sending habits and presents that data to you in a delivery dashboard. Additionally, IBG provides full transparency into ISP mail blocks and provides a simple-to-use interface to assist in mail block remediation.

Subscriber Re-Engagement Module — IBG helps you re-engage subscribers who have fallen outside your standard engagement window. This is accomplished by sprinkling in a predefined(configurable) number of unengaged names into deployments. No outside data work needed!

Advanced Segmentations — Using prudent segmentation strategies are key to reaching your audience’s inboxes reliably. IBG has the most robust, easy-to-use segmentation engine of any ESP available. In addition to basic segmentation filters such as common user attributes, IBG enables you to build targeted segments using virtually any datapoint imaginable. IBG can even trigger specific actions based on user behavior or engagement.

Action Triggers — An action trigger is a specific action that takes place each time a predefined condition is met. This could be as simple as adding a subscriber to an autoresponder campaign when an email is opened, or as advanced as auto-generating a new list made up of subscribers who clicked a specific link in a specified email. The possibilities are endless.

Detailed Reporting — Understanding your data is critical to maintaining your sender reputation and reaching the inbox. While most ESPs share baseline amounts of data, IBG believes in full transparency. provides you with a variety of reports to easily view trends, diagnose delivery issues, and improve your email program.

Multi-Variant A/B/C/D+ Testing — Most ESPs only allow you to A/B test to two conditions of equal weight. IBG provides you the ability to test unlimited variables in each deployment. Need to test multiple creatives with different subject lines, different senders, different creatives, and varying counts? Inbox Genie can do it.

Lower Pricing — Large strategic senders are often asked to pay a fortune for sending high volumes. Not only is Inbox Genie a more capable platform for achieving optimal inbox delivery, it’s also available at reasonable rates. Whatever ESP you currently use, we are confident that we can provide you with a superior product at a substantially lower rate.

Inbox Delivery Monitor — Many top-tier ISPs now filter messages into sub mailboxes(inbox, promotions, updates, spam, etc). Inbox Genie provides you with advanced seed data which allows you to see exactly “where” your messages are being delivered. This data is useful for identifying and correcting delivery issues should they arise.

Dangerous Subscriber Identification & Suppression — Sending messages to Spam Traps (aka Honey Pots) can be extremely detrimental to your email delivery as well as your overall sender reputation. To mitigate this risk, Inbox Genie has developed a unique algorithm that will identify (and optionally suppress) recipients who engage in a manner that could cause problems.

Robust API — Inbox Genie includes an robust API designed to manage and manipulate your data from an unlimited number of applications or external sources.

Xverify Subscriber Integration — This unique feature will allow you to “pre-check” (and optionally remove) any of your subscribers that matches the Xverify database of: invalid recipients, frequent complainers, subscribers associated with fraud, spam traps, and other traits that harm your list.

Custom Fields — Need to collect more than name, address, phone and email? Inbox Genie allows you to create an unlimited number of custom fields for each and every subscriber. This custom data can be used to build custom segments for future deployments, or to provide custom content specific to only the users who match the data that you selected.

Dynamic Content Creation — Inbox Genie allows you to dynamically create unique and personalized email content based on each individual subscriber and can show a different message, image, link, or other personalization based on each subscriber’s profile data.

Bulk Data Updater — This feature allows you to update lists, segments or any combination of data from your subscriber database in bulk.

Import/Export Suppression Sources in MD5 Format — Many advertisers and third-party partners
now require mailers to pre-scrub each deployment using an encrypted MD5 suppression source. Before Inbox Genie, this was a laborious task (and usually not even possible with most ESPs). This is now a thing of the past. Inbox Genie makes this process simple and easy.

Update Links after Deployment — Have you ever sent an email, only to find out that one of the links in the creative was bad? Not to worry! Inbox Genie’s Link Update feature allows you to easily redirect that bad link to a new landing page (even after the email has already deployed).

Create a New Dynamic List from Historical Deployment Data — Let’s say you wanted to create a new list that only includes only the subscribers who opened a specific email or clicked a specific link. No problem. Quick and easy list creation (or even the creation of suppression sources) takes only seconds with our robust ‘Export to List’ feature.

Metered Subscriber Import — Uploading and then emailing a large number of new subscribers at one time can negatively impact delivery. IBG’s metered import feature can split your import file into smaller pieces to be processed more gradually over a predetermined period of time.

Leveraging Your Own Engagement Data Using Our Cross Engagement Feature — For clients with multiple IBG accounts, the IBG cross engagement feature allows you to share and leverage engagement data across any of your sub-accounts. For example, if a subscriber exists in both accounts A and B and has recently engaged with an email from account B, but not from account A, IBG can detect this activity and update a timestamp in the subscriber’s profile in account A. This added insight can give you an additional edge in implementing an effective re-engagement strategy. Using Cross Engagement data, you can now add “known active users” to your segments and attempt to reactivate them on other lists where they had fallen out of the active segments.